Luxury bivouacs

Luxury bivouacs are bivouacs with all that you can have in your home. Starting with showers, toilets, beds Luxeurious. For amateur lux, you'll find the absolute lux in the desert and under the feet of the big dunes of Africa. Whether it's inside your Berber tent or the beautiful star, you will be safe and away from anything that can harm your comfort.
Our bivouacs envirement and respects the ecosystem. Because above all, nomadism, is respect for the soul of the desert, so we did the impossible for it to be so. You will spend the most beautiful night of your life with us.


bivouacs Simple

Simple bivouacs bivouacs are clean, decorated in the style of the nomads. The difference between the lux and simple bivouacs is mainly showers. In a simple bivouac there is no shower, but he obviously respects the standards of your comfort and your safety.
Whether it's inside your tent or under the stars, nights dreams awaits. Then do not hesitate especially


Wild bivouacs

Wild bivouacs bivouacs are installed on request in any place in the desert. So in this type of bivouacs, you choose the place for you to spend the night there and we take care of everything. In less than 2 hours, your bivouac will be ready to be used. This kind of camp is composed of Berber tent, an outdoor kitchen, and blankets that will be enough for a pleasant night.


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