One Day Excursions From Fes : Volubilis This excursion from Fes starts in the morning. We drive to Volubilis. We will explore Romain ruins with local guide. After lunch here we return back to Fes. This 1 day excursion is available every day during the whole year. The Romain ruins of Volubilis are around 1 hour away from Fes. One Day Excursions From Fes : Volubilis ends day trip.

– Departure time from Fes at 9 am

– Return back to Fes at 7 pm

Volubilis Morocco:

Volubilis is an ancient Berber city, then Romanized, located in the Saïss plain in Morocco, on the banks of the Wadi Rhoumane, a river in the suburbs of Meknes, not far from the holy city of Moulay Driss Zerhoun where Idriss Iᵉʳ rests, founder of the Idrissid dynasty.

During Roman times, Volubilis was a major producer of olive oil. The remains of buildings dedicated to olive pressing are still readily visible, as are the remains of the original presses and olive mills.

Just outside the walls of the city, on the floodplain of the Oued Khoumane, was found a series of interlocking courtyard buildings, of which the largest contained a hammam, or bath. This is an L-shaped structure, with a cold room paved with flagstones and benches running along the sides.

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